Suzuki Swift 1.3 DLX

Suzuki Bolan

Rs. 695,000.00

• Engine : N/A
• Transmission: Manual
• Fuel Type: Petrol
• Color : Solid White,Silky Silver,Pearl Red

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Product Description

Suzuki Bolan

Looking for a car to invest your money then you should go to Google, as it is not easy to invest all your money against a thing that really don’t deserve it. In Pakistan where we are living you know the conditions of all roads and the traffic that is terribly jammed every where not only you have to buy a car but also have to keep it fuel filled every time you want to ride it so many things to be kept in mind you see before paying a price of car. Car is a need of every working or non working individual these days and why not it is not bad to wish for an easy and comfortable life. If you want to buy seriously a car then choices are many but many choices apart when you look at your pocket as no one to make a whole in his pocket after paying for a car. To get a spot on car of your dreams is not very hard as you just have to make a correct choice. What so ever the circumstances are you just have to keep your strong faith in what you choose.


Shades that are available for Suzuki Bolan

There are lots of colors available in Pakistan for Suzuki Bolan. As aesthetics appeal where ever you go whatever you see shades does appeal. This is not very glossy but much classier then the other carries cars. This is having a high roof allows you to occupy yourself comfortably in it. This car having the space to occupy easily your CNG kit. Three most lavishing and sophisticated colors available here in Suzuki Bolan. The decent shades that are available are solid white, silky silver and pearl red. Well you can’t ignore the anatomic feature of anything you praying price money for. These are most running colors for carrier cars but the shades that Suzuki has imparted for Bolan.

The heart of car that is engine


In Pakistan these days every body is wishing for a car that should be cheap and effective in its working and cost price. There are a lot of cars on the roads among them you can easily have the idea what to buy and what to ignore. The most common things that Suzuki has are very prominent that it is highly spacious car it is for the Pakistani users. The automobile is supplied with OHC valvetrian system. This car is highly efficient and allows you to explore other features of this car; well this car is pocket friendly and allows you to save more and more money so that you can save more prices for your self. The highly demanded car is the one who is spacious and occupy more and more. The air conditioned system that is truly mesmerizing and allow you to keep more and more passengers in your car. In 2015 the car is brought to be much more efficient in business. This car is effective in price. The interiors are spacious and never make you uncomfortable in your demeanor and otherwise the travels in other cars are very tiresome. The heat in Pakistan is very troublesome and the scorching beam that penetrates your skin is very irritating and you must have to protect yourself from it. So Suzuki enables you to protect yourself from heat and commits to you in its best way. The weather is very much against you and these massive traffic jams are really fussy. This is what every vehicle owner demands and all this in really low price list.


The seating capacity that car has is really massive and can take up to 8-9 person in it. The automobiles that are running these days require highly skilled and passionate driver to ride them especially when it comes to Suzuki it is really a business transport. This car is very huge in its looks and having high roof that allow you to freely mobile in it. This car is very okay to go far and long distances you can easily install the high quality tape record system having high boozers in it. The fuel capacity in the car is very efficient and let you fill your tank effectively and easily in very price. The fuel tank capacity is 36 liter and allows you to run your car easily with out wandering about the cost of your petrol.


The interiors and exteriors are very effective and keep you in your lane. In 2015 the car is running effectively in every case one can use it as school van and as your carry car for your food factory or for your product transport. Well in 2014 this car has made a great reputation in public earning hand to mouth. The price factor is greatly appealing feature of it as it is although increased in price then the previous cars but yes very effective in operation and services that it offers. But still is very affordable for the middle class people. The little bit innovations that Suzuki has made is really worth paying more price for it. The advancement in car is really appreciated. This car is four doors among whom two are sliding one and two manually open up.


The safety catch is very less established and having the rear brakes in drum style and the car offers 796 cc displacements. This car can easily slips on the road and having no embellishment of air bags that can safe the driver and passenger from striking the interiors that are really hard when they hit any of the human body part. This car having small tyres and allow you to turn your car with effective torque. The steering wheel is really professional and having no additive feature in it to roll on but yes it is easy to handle for the middle class car drivers. In 2015 the steering well remains same little embellishment may be of the new style horn. The number of cylinders installed in it are three in number.


Suzuki Bolan Prices

Suzuki Bolan VX EURO II Rs. 674,500
Suzuki Bolan Cargo Van Euro ll Rs. 650,500



Overall Length (mm) 3255
Overall Width (mm) 1395
Overall Height (mm) 1845
Wheel Base (mm) 1840
Ground Clearance (mm) N/A
Boot Space (liter) N/A
Kerb Weight (kg) N/A
No of Doors 4
Rear Brakes Drum
Displacement cc 796
Engin Power (PS@rpm) N/A
Torque (Nm@rpm) N/A
Valve Mechanism N/A
Compression Ratio N/A
No of Cylinders (cylinder) 3
Cylinder Configuration N/A
Valves per Cylender (value) N/A
Fuel Type Petrol
Fuel System N/A
Displacement cc 796
No of Cylinders (cylinder) 3
Fuel Type Petrol
Fuel System N/A
Seating Capacity (person) 5
Fuel Tank Capacity (liter) 36 L
Front Suspension strut
Rear Suspension Leaf Spring
Transmission Type Manual
Gears/Speeds 4 forward


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